Innovation in Air Distribution






  1.  2018 Master Catalog
  2.  Air Systems Product Line Card
  3.  2018 Fire / Rescue Catalog
  4.  Hazardous Location Product Line Catalog
  5.  Custom Shipyard and Military Facility Products Catalogs
  6.  Custom Products & Engineering Services Brochure
Grade-D Air Filtration (Supplied Air)
  1.  Fundamentals of Respiratory Protection
  2.  The Breather Box® - The Industry Standard in Grade-D Air Filtration
  3.  The Blast-Air™ Cart - Designed for the Commercial Sandblasting, Paint and Coatings Industry
  4.  Grade-D Air Filtration Comparison Guide (Breather Box®)
  5.  The Cool-Box™ - Portable Cooling Air Distribution Manifold
Confined Space Ventilation
  1.  Blower & Fan Selection Guide
  2.  Controlling & Removing Static Electricity During Confined Space Entry Ventilation
  3.  The Saddle Vent® & Ventilation Kits - Confined Space Entry Do It Right The First Time
  4.  Estimating Purge Time Flyer
  5.  8" Axial Fans and Kits for Non-Hazardous Locations
  6.  12" Axial Fans and Kits for Non-Hazardous Locations
  7.  Explosion-Proof Plugs & Receptacles
Portable Area / Scene Lighting
  1.  Air-Light & Air-Light II Brochure
Environmental Control
  1.  Welding Fume Extractor Comparison Guide
Air Cylinder Carts
  1. Breathing Air TransporterTM Brochure (BAT)
  2. Breathing Air TransporterTM (BAT) - Setup Brochure
Case Studies
  1.  Confined Space Ventilation to Meet the Confined Spaces in Construction Standards 29 CFR 1926 subpart AA (OSHA Compliance)
  2.  Case Study - Confined Space Ventilation Safety Compliance
  3.  Case Study - Respiratory Airline Safety Compliance